Smart Watches: What To Watch For

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Samsung was one of many pushing wearable tech boundaries this year. (Image Credit: Samsung)

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Forget searching for your smartphone in a frenzy, you can now make calls right from your wrist.

In fact, a growing crop of smart watches on the scene offer all kinds of features, allowing you to call, check emails, text and even take pictures.

At a Berlin event, Samsung recently unveiled its Galaxy Gear. The device features a metal face, rubber wristband and touchscreen. A quick swipe gives you access to the built-in camera which lets you snap still images or 10 second videos. You can also swipe to access notifications, the photo gallery, a pedometer and apps.

The Galaxy Gear goes on sale in the U.S. in October and will cost $299.

Sony recently announced a release date later this month for its SmartWatch 2. Qualcomm is taking pre-orders for its own $300 dollar Toq Smartwatch device. And yes, Apple too is suspected to be a looming player in the smart watch scene.

A rumored iWatch isn’t expected until next year but when it does show up, analysts expect it’ll be an accessory for your iPhone and not a replacement – mostly due to lack of space.

“If you look at something like a phone, you get a lot of space for battery,” explained Josh Lowensohn, Senior Writer at CNET, “A lot of space for high-tech electronics—big processor, big memory, camera modules. All of that stuff takes up a lot of space.”

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