Save money and time with local businesses that fix electronic devices

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - It's a mishap that's sure to make you wince, if not cry: when you drop your electronic device and crack the glass.

With smart phones and tablets costing so much, damaging one and having to replace it may be enough to bring tears.

Wipe your eyes and don't worry. WHNT NEWS 19 found a way to save you money so such a scenario won't break the bank.

There are quite a few local businesses that make their money saving you money on fixing broken devices.

One business in particular will do it while you wait.

It's called Smart Phone Medics.

Jeff Sandridge runs the company and brings relief to a lot of people.

"Yeah, we can replace the power buttons for 59 dollars on this one," he said as he looked at one woman's iPhone.

Sandridge says he stays busy with repair work.

"We repair phones, tablets, anything in between.. iPods, Kindles, anything," said Sandridge.

His company motto is "Cheaper, Faster, Better". Everyday, he takes apart and re-assembles all kinds of expensive devices.

He said the people who save the most are those who decline the manufacturer forgiveness or insurance policies that can cost a hundred dollars plus fees for fixing or replacing a damaged device.

"You've already spent $150 for your first repair. Normally, ours would be half that to replace a screen or something like that. We also do discounts for if you crack it again and we warranty our repairs as well for 90 days," Sandridge promised.

There are other companies that provide similar services. PhoneRestore;
QuickFix iPhone and PC Repair; Gadget Doctors; GigaParts.

Sandridge said he's a certified technician for several top manufacturers, including Apple, and insists he's faster than them.

"With most of the phones and the Apple devices in general, I keep all those parts in stock and we can usually get phone screens replaced in about 15 to 30 minutes. The iPads take a little bit longer."

While broken screens are the most common problem he sees, he said he fixes everything else too, including charging ports, batteries, buttons that don't work and software problems.

Perhaps the biggest perk about taking devices to companies like his, though, is the fact you don't lose your contacts and other data.

You can set appointments with these businesses or just walk in.

Also, there are tutorials on YouTube showing you how to fix a device yourself, but Sandridge said there are many other tiny things inside a device that could get damaged if you don't know what you're doing.