Samsung debuts Galaxy S5 smartphone with impressive features

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Samsung has introduced its newest smartphone – the Galaxy S5. The device boasts a number of impressive features, apparently designed to challenge Apple’s iPhone head-to-head.

At Samsung’s Mobile World Congress presentation Monday, the company showed off a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the phone. It’s a tool similar to the one Apple’s iPhone 5S boasts.

The Galaxy S5 doesn’t stop there though. It also features a heart-rate monitor on the flash module. The red light reads your heart rate. The device’s applications also extend beyond health and fitness.

“All it takes is a simple swipe of your finger to make secure payments,” Jean Daniel Ayme, Vice President of Telecom Operations for Samsung, explained.

The S5 will come in four colors with a 16-megapixel camera, Qualcomm® Snapdragonprocessor and 5.1-inch display. It’s also safe around kids and in the rain.

Samsung is also pushing new offerings in the fitness gear market. The company is using its curved screen technology on a new wearable gadget – the Gear Fit – a tracker with a touchscreen, heart-rate monitor and pedometer.

“You can also interact with your Galaxy device: such as rejecting a call, controlling an alarm,” David Park, Manager of Samsung’s Mobile Division, noted.

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