Quick Ways To Collect, Share Holiday Photos

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The holidays have come and gone but chances are you have photos of the celebrations to share. Here are two easy ways to collect and distribute those images with friends and family:

(For iOS users) iPhone’s Photo Stream:

To use the photo stream, open your photos app and choose the cloud icon for “shared” at the bottom. Create a new stream by tapping the “plus” button in the upper left corner. Name the stream and then start inviting friends and family – up to 100 people. To share your photos, open the stream and tap the “plus” button, selecting the ones you’d like to add. Include a comment and then press post. Friends can “like” the photo, add their own comments and even post their own pictures into the stream.

(For non-iOS users) Familiar:

You can download the free Familiar app onto your device and sign in using your email address or Facebook. The app won’t publish your photos to Facebook without your permission. Just select photos you’d like to share from either your phone, your favorite social network or Google’s Picasa service. Once you select a photo, the app will ask for access to your contacts so you can share it with friends and family. The photo will then pop up as part of a gallery or slideshow depending on the settings.

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