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In what some would find a funny coincidence, the NSA reportedly called Apple co-founder Steve Jobs “Big Brother” and described iPhone users as “zombies.”

This of course, comes amid recent revelations about the NSA’s own secret spying programs.

The Huffington Post reports that in documents leaked by the German news magazine Der Spiegel Sunday, the National Security Agency suggests that Apple and Steve Jobs are controlling and observing the public.

In its story Der Spiegel also reportedly revealed that the NSA accesses data from all major types of smartphones and can access iPhone geolocation tools.

Der Spiegel obtained slides from what appears to be an internal NSA presentation. One of the slides reportedly asks, “Who knew in 1984… that this would be big brother… and the zombies would be paying customers?”

The Huffington Post reports as well that, on the slide referring to “Big Brother,” there’s a photo of Steve Jobs. On the slide about zombies there’s photos of over-excited Apple fans with their new iPhones. You can see the slides here.