“Noah” Hits Movie Theatres Tonight But has Already Sparked Controversy

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (WHNT) –  Tonight, March 28th, the movie “Noah”, based on one of the best-known stories from the Bible, hits the big-screen featuring an all-star cast.

Russell Crowe plays the role of Noah, the prophet chosen by God to re-start the world following a disastrous flood.

But the $130-million dollar high-tech movie is already creating controversy, partly, because it tries to strike a balance between science and religion.

The director says he looked carefully at what is written in the Old Testament, and tried to create an on-screen setting where miracles could take place.

The Washington Post reports “Noah”, rated PG-13, has been banned in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain because of how it depicts a prophet.

Also, the National Religious Broadcasters threatened to boycott the film unless Paramount, the film’s distributor and co-financier with New Regency, issued a disclaimer that the movie isn’t a literal interpretation of the Genesis story.