Nifti App Does Bargain Hunting For You

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‘Tis the season for shopping! If you’re eyeing a little gift for yourself but can’t justify spending the extra money, you might try letting an app do some bargain hunting for you.

Nifti has both a website and app to help you find items you want at the best price. Here’s how it works: Sign up, pick an item you want from one of more than 700 partner stores including Banana Republic or Amazon, then set your “ideal” price and start tracking that item.

When the price drops, Nifti will send you an email right way so you can jump on it.

Can’t remember what you’re tracking? You can organize your desired items into product collections for easy browsing.

There’s also a Nifti button you can add to your browser’s bookmarkbar – to make it easier to find and track stuff you want as you come across it on the web.

Click here to learn more about Nifti.

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