Need a gift for mom? Check out these photo book apps

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Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) – Photo books are always a nice option for a Mother’s Day gift. After all, what mom or meemaw wouldn’t want a printed collection of happy faces to flip through?

Creating photo books though, can be a hassle. You have to upload the photos, curate your shots, then learn the software of whatever service you’re using. Oh yeah, you’ll also pay for printing and shipping.

Some new apps aim to make the process easier – allowing users to create books directly from mobile devices. Here are two options worth considering:

Impressed – A free iOS app offering a few simple templates for your books. For about $30 you’ll get 20 pages in a 6-by-8 inch book. Take note of the audio feature. It lets you record up to one minute of audio for each photo. When the book arrives in the mail, scan the QR code in the front and listen to the recordings.

Kindred – A free app for your iOS or Android device. You can import photos from all of your social media sources, pick 18, arrange them, then add some captions. For a monthly subscription of $5.99 each booklet costs about $5. The subscription makes frequent prints more appealing – especially if you have a young child who’s growing fast and grandma doesn’t want to miss a minute.

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