NASA Technology Helps Patients Rehab

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NASA has long been a technology pioneer in skies. Outer space though, isn’t the only place you’ll find the agency’s footprint. Innovations developed through NASA are now helping patients rehab from injury.

A clinic in Ohio for example, is one many across the country, using Alter-G anti-gravity treadmills to help with patient recovery.

The treadmill lowers weight-baring load down to twenty percent, giving patients an option besides a water treadmill or harness. It’s not nearly as restrictive as those options as well.

Patients zip themselves into the portal, the machine calibrates their weight, fills with air and then it’s time for the patient to get started.

“The treadmill just really increases your confidence,” Chris Kovatch, a recovering patient said, “Every day you can go up a little higher, add a little extra weight, go faster, run a little harder.”

Patients can control weightlessness, speed and incline themselves, just like a regular
treadmill and many report the impact off their joints has increased recovery time and ease.

To read more about NASA’s Anti-Gravity treadmills and how they’re being used, click here.

Mandeville Physical Therapy and Wellness in Huntsville also uses one of these Alter-G anti-gravity treadmills.

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