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Here are some of the most talked about, most viral stories on-air and online this week, in case you missed it!

Pegasus makes a big delivery

It’s not often we get to discuss Greek mythology but this week we had a huge reason.

If you remember the story from school, Pegasus was charged with bringing thunderbolts to Zeus on Mt. Olympus. This week, a barge named for the mythical creature, rolled up river from NASA’s Michoud Rocket Factory in New Orleans to the Marshall Space Flight Center here in Huntsville.

The delivery? Pieces of the SLS Rocket System. The trip length? 1,240 miles.

So how big was Pegasus up close? Well, it’s better if we show you…

“Eggbeater Jesus” gets a makeover

If you’ve driven down Governors Drive in the last, oh let’s say, four decades, you’ve seen it. It’s called, the “Cosmic Christ,” but most Huntsville natives know it as “Eggbeater Jesus.”

For the last week, the iconic mosaic has gone under the knife in a renovation project that will last several years.

Church leaders say, almost as soon as the “Eggbeater Jesus” mosaic started dominating the Huntsville skyline in the 1970s, small tiles began falling off. Now they’re taking steps to preserve the icon for future generations.

Blue Angels give UAH grads a wedding day surprise

Rachel and Chandler Mills got married without a hitch; they never planned for the coolest wedding crashers ever to visit to the party though.

The two met in college at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Chandler was a senior and Rachel was a freshman. This past weekend, they got married and were shocked to see The Blue Angels join the party from the sky!

A wedding photographer captured the moment, as the jets flew over the couple’s Johnson Beach wedding at the Gulf Islands National Seashore. As Chandler wore his uniform below, they flew the famous Navy planes from above.

The images are now going viral and it’s not hard to see why.

Super Sparkman surprise!

A young girl in Madison County is getting something she’s wanted for a long time. She found out during a special school assembly at Sparkman High, with a hidden agenda.

“The students of Sparkman High School SGA and the entire school have been fundraising for Make-A-Wish Alabama for the entire school year,” said Ashley Miller, the Make-A-Wish Alabama Community Events Manager.

Their efforts resulted in a big public surprise at Sparkman High School with a reveal for Sydney Cunningham. The 10-year-old has always wanted a golf cart and now, she’ll get one.

Click here to watch how the surprise went down…