#ICYMI: Part of I-85 goes down in flames, wild turkey drives Walmart customers wild

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Here are some of the most notable, shocking and downright wild stories of the week… just in case you missed it!

The untold story of “The Burning Bed”

The woman who inspired the “The Burning Bed” book and movie has died in The Shoals. Though her story changed domestic violence laws nationwide, few locals actually knew her life story.

Granddaughter Molly Wilson told WHNT News 19 that Francine Hughes endured a living hell for more than a decade. Abused by her first husband, Hughes reached a desperate point in her life. There were no laws preventing domestic violence in Michigan during the 1970s, so Hughes took matters into her own hands. She took her husband’s life by dousing him with gasoline and setting his bed on fire.

Hughes sought refuge after her acquittal; remarrying and moving to The Shoals. For 35 years, very few people truly knew who Francine Wilson really was, or the powerful legacy she leaves behind in domestic violence prevention.

“She never wanted anybody to treat her differently because of it,” explained Molly Wilson, one of Francine’s granddaughters.

Here’s even more of her story…

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I-85's fiery collapse

An elevated section of northbound Interstate 85, a major North-South artery for the Southeast, collapsed Thursday evening in Atlanta after a massive fire.

The video is well, nuts.

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If you're driving through Atlanta anytime soon, you'll definitely want to avoid the area.

DeSoto drop

Speaking of crazy video, one of WHNT News 19's viewers Gary Parker, sent us this clip of a kayaker going over a roaring DeSoto Falls. While it's thrilling to watch, experienced paddlers warn this is very risky and should not be attempted by recreational paddlers.

Wild turkey at Walmart

Walmart is known for welcoming people from all walks of life, and recently, someone new has taken advantage of that hospitality.

A wild turkey has been seen the past few days trotting around the Walmart parking lot off of Winchester Road.

“Well first thing that comes through is, well, Thanksgiving came early," Walmart customer Roger Lawrence said. "Second thing that you think of is safety, we don’t want that to come into play with drivers coming through. Third thing is the surprise element of it. What is a turkey doing here, this isn’t it’s natural habitat, and then you have to laugh about it.”

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Crayola cuts a crayon

Crayola's cutting a classic color out of its 24-pack!

No word yet on just what it'll be replaced with but we're pretty sure there will be a social media campaign to help the company decide.

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