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It’s the season for vacations, and if you’ve been out of the loop more than usual this week, there’s no reason for you to miss out on some of the most notable viral stories! Here’s a look at what was trending on-air and online here at WHNT News 19 the last few days, in case you missed it.

A “dry drowning” report saves a life

This week, WHNT News 19 took action for parents to warn them about a rare but deadly risk called “dry” or “delayed drowning.”

Stories like these can have a real impact, as shown in the remarkable experience of Garon Vega. He noticed recently that his son Gio was feeling sick, after inhaling some water from a community pool. The child’s heart was “beating really fast.”

Vega remembered a story he’d seen on the news, about the death of Texas 4-year-old Frankie Delgado. Delgado passed away suddenly, a few days after swimming with his family. His devastated parents found courage to share the story with local media.

Not wanting to risk a similar outcome, Vega rushed Gio to the doctor. Turns out his son was drowning.

“The x-rays did show that he had a significant amount of water in his lungs, and that it was a good thing that we brought him in because if we hadn’t have, he wouldn’t have made it through the night,” Vega explained.

Dog attack goes viral

A dog attack prompted outrage from all sides this week, and a debate over what rules dog owners should have to abide by.

It started when, according to Utah mom Lindsay Long, her 8-year-old son got serious wounds in a Pit Bull attack. There were reportedly three dogs, but the child only ran afoul of them after jumping into a neighbor’s yard to retrieve a ball.

“The dogs ran after him,” Long said. “They noticed him, got him to the ground, drug him across the yard a couple feet.”

The neighbor stresses that the boy never got permission to jump the fence. The boy’s mom now wants tougher laws to address dog attacks.

Don’t give this guy a dime!

A Michigan auto dealer is taking a stand against a local panhandler, posting a sign discouraging people from giving money. Managers said they offered the guy a job – and he turned it down.

Local news station WDIV reports the sign was displayed on a car at the Honda dealership. It reads:

“Please do not give anything to this panhandler. We offered him a full-time job at $10 per hour. He said, ‘I make more than any of you,’ and he did not want the job. Please donate to a more worthy cause.”

Workers at the Honda dealership declined to comment on camera, but there are plenty of comments about the story on social media. Many are praising the dealership for discouraging panhandling when work is available.

Felicia Tubbs, who works at a Shell gas station across the street, said she took pizza to the car dealership’s employees.

“I don’t like [the panhandlers] standing there. No one else does, either. I think it’s great that the dealership put some effort into trying to get rid of them,” Tubbs said.

Barry Larry Terry, explained

A fake mug shot posted by the Moulton City Police Department got a lot of social media attention this week — even winding up on Reddit.

“I was very surprised. I think we are up to 6,000 shares,” said Officer Russell Graham, who posted the mug shot alongside other (real) mug shots, on the department’s Facebook page.

Barry Larry Terry (Image: Moulton Police Department)

Graham wrote on the photo’s caption that “Barry Larry Terry” had been arrested on charges of “unlawful possession of a wild raccoon” and “no headlamp on bicycle.”

The post was confusing, even for us here in the news station. So, why did Graham make it?

“It just looked humorous to me, there were several that I went through and I said there’s our guy,” Graham said of his selecting “Barry’s” photo. Graham adds that he wanted to bring more attention to the department and to humanize those working there.