Severe weather prep: Extend battery life without extra gadgets

Digital Life
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – When a bad storm hits and power goes out, your smartphone could become your only lifeline to the outside world. April 27, 2011 proved that.

There are lots of gadgets you can buy to give your mobile device extra power but, if you’re short on cash, here are some tips for keeping your phone’s battery alive as long as possible:

Dim the screen – Today’s smartphones have big, vibrant displays that suck up all kinds of power.

Turn off extra features – Bluetooth, GPS, etc. are super handy but not essential.

Check your signal – A poor connection or no connection drains a smartphone’s battery more quickly because your phone is always searching for a signal; try Airplane Mode instead.

Disable push notifications – Apps with push alerts will make your phone check-in every so often for the new information; that’s another battery drain.

Close apps you’re not using – It’s easy for apps to get “buried” in the background and still be running without you knowing it. Make sure you’re fully logged out of all apps and that things haven’t just been minimized in a subscreen.

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