Here are some crazy tricks Pokemon Go players are using to hatch eggs

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Some people are trying some crazy things to hatch their Pokemon eggs more quickly.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Pokemon Go players are using some crazy tricks to try to hatch eggs more quickly; thereby adding more Pokemon to their collection.

As players of the mobile game no doubt already know, eggs are unhatched in Pokemon Go. In order to hatch them, players need to actually physically get up and walk, run or move around.

Some people though, just aren’t interested in moving… or waiting. So we’re seeing tricks like this pop up via social media… also reports the turntable may be a viable strategy. Or you could try wedging it inside the spokes of a bicycle wheel…

Oh, and if you’re interested to see what you actually get when your eggs finally hatch, here’s a handy guide, plus a whole lot of other great information for Pokemon Trainers.

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