Fitness Video Games That Work

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Forget the sweltering heat. If you’re looking for a workout without having to brave the Alabama summers, why not try the living room?

An abundance of fitness video games are now on the market. The hard part is finding ones that really work. In a recent survey, Consumer Reports put those fitness games – for XBox, Wii and PS3 to the test – and below are the results.

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If you're looking for a serious workout, the fitness gaming team liked Nike + Kinect Training. The game evaluates your fitness level and creates a customized program for you. One downside? A lack of strength-training routines.

Zumba Fitness: Core earned high praise if you're looking to trim your tummy. You can select the length of your workout and the test crew also liked the positive feedback the game offers when participants get the steps right.

Just Dance 4 is another winner for those who want a "non-traditional" workout. If your goal is just to get off the couch, this game might really help. On the other hand, experts thought it was lacking in intensity.

Just getting around the that New Year's resolution? Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 could be your best bet. Consumer Reports liked the easier tempo and pace of exercises, as well as clear instructions for the beginner.

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