Facebook wants you to post personal stuff, not just news

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – If you’re a Facebook user, chances are good you feel there is nothing BUT personal stuff in your News Feed: kid pictures, vacation photos, political comments from family and friends.

Facebook though, feels we’re not posting nearly enough about ourselves.

CBS News reported Tuesday the company is concerned about a decline in users sharing personal content. That’s a problem for Facebook, since the personal stuff is what marketers and advertisers are after. They’re the ones who bring in the money.

The social network has apparently found that users are posting a lot more news articles, links and lists than telling details about themselves or their behaviors.


CNET’s Dan Ackerman told CBS News this is called a “context collapse.”

“When they say a ‘context collapse,’ what they mean is not that people are using Facebook less often or posting less stuff, but that they are posting different sort of things,” Ackerman told CBS News. “They are posting news articles or YouTube videos or BuzzFeed lists rather than what they used to use Facebook for, which is sort of to share family photos or vacation pictures or catching up with old friends. So, it’s a lot of usage, but it’s less personal.”

The de-emphasis on personal makes the current Facebook more like Twitter; a place where quick updates reign.


Bloomberg reported original sharing of personal stories on Facebook had dropped 21 percent year-to-year by mid-2015. Younger users are also increasingly turning to messaging apps like Snapchat and Facebook-owned WhatsApp for more personal social media interactions.

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