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A friendly reminder:  Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th.  So, have you gotten your gotten her a card yet??

If not, has you covered with an E-Card sure to have her laughing and feeling vindicated.  It’s the Evolution of the Mom Dance.

The new Mother’s Day Dance E-Card celebrates the feats Moms accomplish every day.

Just type in the name of your fabulous Mom (we tested it out using “Michelle Stark”) and then the video takes it from there.

The video shows the many dances that Moms have to perform in order to work and to care for their families as well as push for better economic and family-oriented policies.

The vignettes include the No Sleep Til Kindergarten dance, the Flexible Work Schedule, the Fair Pay Fandango, the ‘I Still Got it, Right?’ dance and the “Break the Glass Ceiling” dance.

The E-Card video concludes with a nice message to that special Mom, “You’re an amazing Mom!” and “Happy Mother’s Day!”