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If you’ve ever played golf–even the wee putt courses–you’re likely familiar with a bad shot.  So, let’s say your ball lands in a tree. What do you do?  If you’re Sergio Garcia, you climb the tree and hit it out.  Watch the video PGATOUR posted to YouTube below.

Garcia could have taken a penalty, but he doesn’t let a little climb up a tree get in his way of a good shot, or the attempt at a good shot, on hole number ten.  Garcia carefully climbs up the tree, moves around on the limbs to get a good position.  Then, he gets his club and hits the ball one-handed out of the tree and onto the green, not too far from the hole.   Not too bad, although he ended up with a double-bogey on the hole.

Worse yet, on his dismount from the tree, Garcia hurt his achilles tendon and ultimately hurt his left shoulder from holding onto the tree.

He eventually dropped out of the Arnold Palmer Invitational to preserve his body for the Masters Tournament, which starts on April 11th and will be broadcast on WHNT.

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