Click Picks: Future Digital Cameras will ‘Bug’ You in a Good Way

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With the continual development of smart phones and computers, have you ever wondered about the future of digital cameras??

It may bug you in a good way.  In fact, the next generation of digital cameras could show us how bugs see the world.

Read all about the insect inspired technology here.

The cameras imitate the bulging eyes of insects – specifically, fire ants and bark beetles.

They can capture a 160-degree wide field of view, using 180 micro-lenses, with nearly infinite depth of field.. meaning all areas of the photo will be in focus.

It essentially recreates how bugs see the world.

So, what`s the practical use for it?   Surveillance cameras, for one – the technology could be used to capture a large expansive scene – all in sharp focus.  The technology could also be used for endoscopic cameras, which doctors use to see what`s going on inside your body.

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