Click Picks: First Videos Shot by Google Glass Explorers

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Last year’s I/O event was a showcase for Google Glass. This year the company will likely discuss new features for Glass and could reveal plans for its expanded sale to the general public.

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You may have heard Google has been working feverishly on a really cool set of eyeglasses that allow users to see information like a smartphone through a hands-free format which interacts with the internet via natural language voice commands.  Two-thousand pairs of “Google Glass” are shipping out and arriving across the country right now.

And already testers are posting videos they’ve shot with the new technology.  You can read more about it and see the videos by clicking here. posted four video clips.

It’s all part of Google’s “Glass Explorer” program to test out the glasses and tweak them before they’re released to the public.

Gizmodo’s reporter comments the quality of the video is pretty good, but not perfect to look at if you blow it up to full screen.  However, it’s much better than strapping a webcam to your head.