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Ever checked a comments section underneath a political story on the web? If so, you’re probably well aware that the Internet is full of opinions.

The founders of a new web service called Cheerboo want to harness the power of all those opinions so that the world can see what web users think about any given topic, at any given time.

The interactive website allows users to Cheer or Boo a variety of “pinned” topics – everything from Google (the company itself) to ideas (that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is better than the iPhone 5) and even products (Beats by Dre headphones.) Each Cheer or Boo contributes to a “Cheer” score or ranking of web-user support for each topic.

Cheerboo is Michelle Stark’s morning Click Pick Thursday on WHNT News 19 This Morning.

You can get more details here via @TechCrunch.

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