Click Picks: Apple’s New iCar Expected on Dealer Lots in 9 Months

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So you know about Apple’s iPhone, iPad, Mac and their work on an Apple TV with a possible remote control that you wear on your finger called an iRing. But did you know Apple is breaking into the auto industry?

Introducing Apple’s iCar, specifically called an iBeetle..

You can see images of it and get more details about it by clicking here.

Volkswagen unveiled it at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, a design built around deep integration with Apple’s iPhone.
It sports a docking station for an iPhone on the dashboard, and a plugged in iPhone can tap into the vehicle’s navigation and audio systems.

Plus, Volkswagen is releasing an app that supercharges what the iPhone can do inside the vehicle, such as displaying vehicle information, including coolant temperatures and oil levels…as well as a comparison of driving times and distances.

VW says the car was designed to match the look of Apple’s smartphones, so the iBeetle and iBeetle convertible is available in gray, white and black only.  The cars are expected on dealer lots by the beginning of 2014.  No word, yet, on the price.

The iCar was the final dream of Apple’s Founder Steve Jobs.  Before he died, Jobs wanted to design a vehicle that could take on Detroit automakers and rule the roads.

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