Back to school apps: ThinkRolls

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ThinkRolls screengrab. (Image Credit: AVOKIDDO)

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – It’s not easy to find educational apps that strike the right balance between learning and fun.

Some feel to much like a classroom lecture, others are too much “fluff” and no substance.

The adorable ThinkRolls app gets it right.

This gaming app teaches the principles of physics to younger children, while offering hours of fun.

Organized into different levels that build on one another, your child will navigate a “roller” through different mazes – encountering obstacles like boxes or balloons to be manipulated along the way.

There are no instructions, which teaches your child to think critically and employ physics logic to solve each level.

If your child does get stuck, they can hit the restart circle up at the top to start over.

ThinkRolls costs $2.99.

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