Apple vs. Samsung: How Consumer Choice May Be Impacted

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In the wake of a jury’s decision that Samsung copied rival Apple’s technology, Apple is now trying to ban the sale of eight Samsung products in the United States. The move is a sign that consumer choice in the smartphone market may be impacted in the coming months.

Apple filed court papers to block the Samsung devices Monday.

While the original verdict is a blow for Samsung, it also sharpens competition between Apple and Google. Google makes the Android software powering may Samsung smartphones and tablets – and Android phones currently outsell iPhones 3-to-1.

Samsung said in a statement reported in The New York Times after the jury’s decision last week, that the verdict could potentially bring higher prices for consumers – especially if there is less selection. 

The popular Galaxy S 4G smartphone is among the devices Apple is now trying to block from store shelves.

One winner in all this legal wrangling may be Microsoft. Despite good reviews, that company’s Windows Phone operating system hasn’t gained as much traction with app developers or users since its debut. A drop in available Android-powered smartphones could change that.