Apple, Google Taking Heat Over Privacy Concerns

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Google, Apple Takign Heat Over Privacy Concerns

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Tech giants Apple and Google are both attracting attention right now over smartphone privacy concerns.

Apple is under fire for a security flaw that could let hackers access your phone. Google meanwhile, is on the hot seat for a possible privacy issue involving personal information.

A bug in Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 6.1, could open the door for hackers. Tech blog The Verge reports the iPhone lock-screen can be bypassed and one user apparently demonstrated how to do it in a YouTube clip.

So what does this mean for iPhone users? Someone hacking your device would be able to make calls, listen to your messages and even tinker with your contact list. Apple did not immediately respond to news of the bug but has a history of quick fixes in similar situations.

Google, meanwhile, is dealing with its own controversy. Mashable reports the company may be playing a little fast and loose with user information. According to the technology blog, the criticism comes after app developer Dan Nolan wrote a blog post describing how he got tons of personal information from people who downloaded his app in the Google Play Store.

The developer warned consumers of the following, “…every App purchase you make on Google Play gives the developer your name, suburb and email address with no indication that this information is actually being transferred.”

For now, concerned consumers should make sure to review the Terms of Service before downloading any apps and be aware that information they think is secure may not be.

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