Different ways to lower your car insurance

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Car insurance costs range from a variety of prices, but you could make it cheaper just by living.

Phillip Gibson from The Gibson Agency with Allstate says there’s a lot of life events that can help you with insurance quotes. “Marital status, age, driving experience, type of car you drive. All of that can influence your rate.”

Many people have heard rumors that having a red car can raise your insurance rates, but Gibson says that’s not true for his agency.

But some ways you can lower the cost are by having a higher education, working in a “safe” occupation, and by following the laws.

“Education can factor into whatever rate you get sometimes. It just depends on what kind of policy you’re looking for,” Gibson said.

Gibson continued by saying if you get multiple speeding tickets, that will hurt your rate.

But Gibson says the most important thing to keep in mind when searching for cheaper insurance rates is not to shop online.

“The quick and easy way a lot of companies are going to online quotes. You might think you’re saving time and money by doing that but if you shop online your agent can’t look for discounts that you could use.”

Ultimately, the best way to lower your auto insurance rates is to speak directly with an agent and ignore the rumors you hear.

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