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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — At the end of this year, the Dothan Police Department retired two members on the force that have spent their lives serving the city and its residents.

These two fellas aren’t your typical lieutenant or corporal, but play a role in the department that goes beyond being man’s best friend. Brought on to help alongside in searches and investigations, these two paw-patrol officers helped protect the community with their best paw forward.

“Sandor himself tracked and lead us to all the money from a robbery from a check-cashing store,” Sandor’s owner and K9 Handler with the Dothan Police Department Kevin Fisher, said. “They do a lot more than chase and bite, they are extremely helpful and extremely useful”

Trained to go beyond helping take down bad people in emergency situations, Dex and Sandor, German Shepherds from Holland, have officially stepped off the front line and into dog life.

“Every day his mindset is trying to wrap around with how it works to be a dog,” Fisher said. “He is essential with all the weight that comes with it.”

Kevin Fisher and Sandor play fetch at the Wiregrass Public Safety Center.

Both taking a step down due to hip and spine issues, the two dogs have spent nine years protecting and serving the Circle City in ways only a dog would know-how.

Now, they’ll be getting all the pets from the ones who know them best.

“We have created a bond that you can’t break,” Corporal with the Dothan Police Department and Dex’s owner Shane Bailes said. “I love him, he loves me family loves him and he loves my family.”

Dothan commissioners at the last commissioner meeting made it official by giving ownership of the dogs to their trainers. So that bond could be carried out for the rest of their doggie lives.

“He comes home and just relaxes, chills, plays ball does what he loves to do, and just gets to lay around, eat get a little fat now and he is enjoying it,” Bailes said.

Shane Bailes plays with his retired police dog Dex.

The handlers tell WDHN, these dogs play a vital role in the Dothan Police Department. They not only help tackle down bad guys in emergency situations, but they also help locate missing people and items.

Zeke and Nero are the two new German Shepherd police dogs who are ready to take their bone and protect in their place for the department.

“We have one that retired six years ago that we see from time to time that we can put on narcotics odor and the dog still does what he is trained to do,” DPD Lieutenant William E. Wozniak said.

Showing these dogs are forever a part of the Dothan Police Department even when even they stop paw-trolling.

“It’s nice to be able to see these dogs at fourteen-fifteen years old and still be able to love on them and say — hey man its good to see you,” Lt. Wozniak said.

Nero and Zeke, the two new additions to the Dothan Police Force will begin their police dog training with Lieutenant Wozniak on Tuesday.

As for Dex and Sandor -they’ll be spending the rest of their days loving and living retired doggie life with no other than their partners and best friends.