Deputies share thoughts on domestic violence awareness

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Limestone County has unfortunately been no stranger to deadly domestic situations recently.

Just days ago, Limestone County Sheriff’s Office, said one man killed his mother, her husband, and himself in Limestone County.

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office said the tragedy serves as a reminder for families in the area.

“You know, it’s coincidental here that this coincides with the month of October,” said Stephen Young, spokesperson for the office.  “Awareness of domestic violence to me is not something that’s just one month out of the year.”

This is the county’s second domestic-related murder in a month’s time.

The sheriff’s office said sometimes these situations go bad, quickly.

“It doesn’t take a lot of time, for serious escalation. Sometimes it can be a matter of minutes,” said Young.

Authorities want to remind people they aren’t in the fight alone.

“There are a lot of resources, a lot of people, mention things to us and law enforcement, and that’s great,” said Young. “There are others who are just as willing volunteer organizations, churches, counselors, families, friends, neighbors.”

Deputies see domestic-related incidents every day and they want to encourage people not to act off hurt feelings or anger.

“Making decisions, not out of your emotions, not based on how you feel at the moment, somebody wronged you in your mind or anything like that,” said Young. “Just taking a step back, realizing that the consequences can be deadly.”

Deputies hope recent events inspire people to think or ask for help before hurting someone.

“If it makes a difference with one it makes a difference,” said Young.

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