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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. – “She is going to get it done,” said Principal Melcha Satchel. 

This week’s winner is all business. 

“She is a very straight forward person, a straight shooter.” said Satchel. 

That teacher is Denise Russell. You can find her early at Colbert County High School teaching math.


“She always gets to the school before me. Sometimes the sun is coming up she takes shots look at this beautiful sunrise and she already here in the morning.”

Yes, we surprised her.

“What type of observation is this? What are we doing?” said Russell.

You wouldn’t know it but….

“I am smiling really big under this mask, I promise I am!” said Russell. 

$319 in perfect timing.

“Money is tight and there is always supplies in teaching math. There are tons of supplies that we always need that will come in handy with some things on my wishlist so I am super excited about it.” said Russell.

Sherrie Brown nominated Ms. Russell for the Tools For Teachers Award.

Sherrie Brown and Denise Russell

“That’s my mother. I appreciate more than she will ever know. She knows how much of my own money I spend on supplies and things for my classroom. It gets very expensive.” said Russell.

“She is my #1 fan.”

Here is some good advice from Ms. Russell going forward. 

“I try to tell the kids to stay positive but test negative.”

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