HIGDON, Ala. (WHNT)- Some resident of Higdon in DeKalb county say an entire mile-and-a-half stretch of “county road 167” has a lot of potholes.

They’ve counted 22 of the dreaded road craters. They say they’ve reached out to the city repeatedly and nothing has been done.

“They call it pothole road”

According to the DeKalb county engineering department, the last documented work completed on county road 167 in the Higdon area happened in November of 2020 following complaints of potholes, and nearly three years later, one resident says she hasn’t seen any work done on the road since.

“They’ll come out and they’ll patch the hole and then first time it rains the cars get on it and it just beats it right back out. said Sonya Clemons”

News 19 contacted the county engineer Wednesday. He said his crews cover a large county with a small staff. He assured news 19 the department would have two patching machines on county road 167 Thursday to fill all the potholes and if the work wasn’t completed Thursday they’d finish the work after labor day.

As of Thursday afternoon, neighbors say the potholes were still there.

“I heard that they were gonna have two crews out today. I’ve checked three different times today. I ain’t seen nobody yet. (butted to) the only way it’s gonna get done is to get somebody’s attention and I don’t know how get their attention, that’s why I reached out to you guys. said Sonya Clemons”

News 19 plans to continue to follow this story.