DeKalb County residents pass wet/dry referendum in Rainsville

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. – Rainsville citizens voted to pass the wet/dry referendum with 459 votes for buying alcohol to 386 against.

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One hot item on the Rainsville municipal ballot is a wet/dry referendum.

It was previously on the ballot in 2014. It failed by just 29 votes.

“If this comes in, it’s never going to leave. It’ll always be here and then with what takes place there’s usually other things that come in with it, crime, and just different things,” said DeKalb County resident Paul Long.

Long is a pastor in nearby Fyffe, but knows Rainsville well.

“It’s just your small-town American town. You’ve got people go to church, they play sports, they love their school, they support their police officers,” said Long.

Samantha Hidalgo and Herbert Mitchell live in Fort Payne, but come through often.

“I have a lot of friends that live in Rainsville and I feel it would be pretty nice to be able go out for a few drinks every now and then instead of having to travel all the way to Scottsboro or Fort Payne and all the surrounding places just to get a drink,” explained Hidalgo.

“It would help Rainsville as far as taxes and you know, to help the schools. It would help the economy a lot. City hall and the police officers, it could help them to get a raise,” said Mitchell.

They said Rainsville deserves to get the benefits from alcohol sales.

But Long says he’s seen first-hand the problems caused by alcohol sales.

“I grew up in an alcoholic’s home and so I know what alcohol does to families and I know what it does to communities. But I also have a ministry called Long Ranch for Boys where we take in boys that have been abused and abandoned and a lot of the kids that we see are kids that have been affected by alcoholism and drug use,” said Long.

Long said he thinks if people are adamant about buying alcohol, they should go to nearby wet cities within the county, such as Fort Payne and Henager.

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