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Last June’s collision that killed a cyclist in DeKalb County struck close to home for James Dawson.

He grew up just east of Fort Payne, near where 22-year-old Christina Genco was hit by a driver who didn’t provide enough space.

“It just seems like in Alabama, there’s a lot of cycling fatalities and we’d like to be able to change that,” Dawson said.

She was one of three dozen Bike & Build cyclists riding from the South Carolina coast to the Southern California coast, building houses along the way.

This past Sunday, the Genco family held a memorial bike ride in Boston to raise funds for safety campaigns and the Bike & Build program.

Dawson hoped to go.

“As an Alabamian, to represent my state, and also to show my support to the Genco family.

“That was hard to do, it’s a thousand miles to Boston, and so I suggested that we have another ride and we do that one in Alabama,” he said.

On Sunday June 3, three days before the one year anniversary of Genco’s death, Dawson and the Alabama Wheelmen will lead a memorial ride through DeKalb County to benefit the Christina Clarke Genco Foundation.

“I think it’s in everybody’s interest to try to get the message out that safe driving is about being aware of the people on the road and giving them margins,” Dawson said.

The ride will have three starting points, going distances of 38, 80, and 110 miles.

For more information, visit the Alabama Wheelmen’s website.