World War II Veteran receives new military award two years after it was stolen

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DECATUR, Ala. – A U.S. Navy veteran received a replacement military award Friday afternoon.

In 2017, John Kuhn had his medals stolen from him while he was in the hospital. WHNT News 19 sat down with Kuhn shortly after thieves broke into his home.

“Someone broke in the house and they stole a lot of stuff. They [medals] mean a lot of grief, a lot of sorrow and happiness too because it was done for our country,” said Kuhn.

Since 2017, a group called Forever Young Senior Veterans has helped replace the medals.

Kuhn received replacements for all but one. Thanks to an Army veteran from Tennessee, Kuhn who is unfortunately in failing health, received his final Bronze Star.

“We had replaced all his medals except for his Bronze Star and so Daniel went out and found a Bronze Star and mailed it to John,” explained Chris Batte, Founder of Forever Young Senior Veterans in Alabama. “It’s just a really sweet thing, it made John’s day.”

Daniel McCullough pinned the star on Kuhn’s hospital gown and the two saluted one another, a symbol of respect from one military man to another.

“It means the world to these veterans, it lets them know that what they did is not forgotten. It lets them know that it will carry on, it will always be remembered,” added Batte.

Kuhn’s memory is still sharp though he’s not able to speak as clearly these days.

“What they went through is amazing, John has been reliving all day long these battles in his head and the things that he went through. This is 75 years we’re talking,” said Batte.

Kuhn has never been married or had children. When he came home from the war, he took care of his parents, siblings, and raised a host of nieces and nephews as his own.

Kuhn said he just hopes God is pleased with the work he’s done on Earth.

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