Woman says thieves used stolen credit cards to buy gift cards in the self-checkout at Kroger

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DECATUR, Ala. – On Saturday, a woman had her car broken into, purse stolen, and over a thousand dollars charged to her credit card at Kroger in Decatur.

Marie Griffith had just gotten back to her car after running a trail in Point Mallard Park when she realized what happened. “When I opened the driver’s side door, I noticed glass and what had happened was somebody had busted into my passenger side window.”

She called the Decatur police and by the time they arrived at the scene, alerts had started going off on her phone.

“While the police were there I was getting notifications on my phone that somebody was trying to use my credit card at the Kroger on the Beltline in Decatur,” said Griffith.

When she told the police this, they said they knew what the thieves were doing.

“[the police officer] said ‘Oh, they’re purchasing prepaid gift cards. This has happened several times at Kroger,'” said Griffith.

The police told her thieves go into Kroger and use self-checkout to purchase thousands of dollars worth of prepaid gift cards.

Griffith thinks Kroger, and stores like them, should have a policy to check the identification of people who make large purchases at the self-checkout.

“[Kroger] says anything over $2,000 has to be purchased at the customer service desk, but the thieves obviously know this and that’s why they’re doing for under $2,000,” said Griffith.

So Griffith feels that their policy needs to change to prevent crimes like this from happening again in the future.

But Griffith wants to warn others to take their valuables with them when they leave their car.

Griffith says she’s fortunate that her banks are going to reimburse her for the money lost.

We reached out to Kroger’s corporate office who said Kroger is working with the police in this investigation.

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