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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – Dr. Michael Dick’s office, Alabama Medicine & Rheumatology in Decatur, remains open despite three guilty verdicts of harassment against him on Friday. Meanwhile, a new court document details an alleged encounter between a female patient and Dr. Dick during an appointment in his office.

According to court records, a patient is accusing Dr. Dick of kissing her on the lips and requiring her to remove all of her clothing during a medical examination. This woman is connected to one of the harassment cases which will now go to trial in Morgan County after Dick appealed the guilty plea in on Friday.

Dr. Dick denies the allegations against him. There hasn’t been a trial set yet for this case.

Decatur Police confirmed there is one other case against Dr. Dick going in front of a grand jury in Morgan County. We have reached out to the Morgan County District Attorney to clarify the exact case.

Authorities said all other complaints against Dr. Dick, at least five, are dismissed because of the statute of limitations.

The Alabama Board of Medical Examiners acknowledged the convictions on Friday. Wilson Hunter, the board’s general counsel, provided this statement:

“We have been investigating Dr. Dick, and with the convictions, we can now take action without compromising the criminal case. Now, we will present the results of our own investigation, alongside the convictions, at the next board meeting. At that time, the board will determine whether and what charges may be filed.”

There’s also a civil case pending against Dr. Dick and, according to plaintiff’s lawyers, at least 15 women are claiming they are victims of sexual assault by the doctor. You can read more about that case here.