Week-long Lawrence County cleanup underway

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Lawrence County is looking a whole lot cleaner. That’s because this week is the 7th Annual Countywide Cleanup and residents are pitching in.

Troy Thomas is spending part of his vacation from his job at Redstone Arsenal cleaning up Lawrence County Road 221.

“It’s pretty nasty,” he said. “People don’t have any respect.”

It is a problem in communities all over the county. So, this week Lawrence County Solid Waste Director Willie Allen is glad to have all kinds of free help from churches, civic groups, clubs and individuals.

On Sunday, he placed 12 dumpsters, 40 cubic yards each, all around the county and has already had to empty some of them at the landfill. By the end of the week he’s hoping to have collected 2000 cubic yards of trash off the roads across the county.

Anyone can help by picking up a free bag at Allen’s office at 640 Gordon Drive in Moulton. You can stuff it with trash and leave it on the side of the road or take it to a dumpster.

The cleanup effort goes until Monday.

Allen says he’s so excited by the response he’s planning a second cleanup effort later this year.

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