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DECATUR, Ala. –  A local love story has gone viral.

Ashley Williams, a singing telegram performer, was recently hired by Demetre White after he saw a flyer for her services.  He wanted to surprise a woman he admires and has been friends with for two years and ask her to be his girlfriend. The two planned for the surprise to happen at Walmart in Decatur on Saturday, February 11.

As Davis walked into the store for a quick shopping trip, some of White’s family greeted her along with Williams.  As the ladies walked around the store, Williams sang “Stand By Me” accompanied by the music on a portable speaker.

During the walk, people held balloons and different signs saying “Will, You, Be and My…” White was waiting at the exit with balloons and another sign across his chest, “Girlfriend.” Davis gave him a big hug and kiss. We’ll call that a yes! We wish the two of them lots of happiness.

As this new couple is spending their first Valentine’s Day together in the River City, millions of people are watching their viral story!

“As soon as I walked in, the music started playing and my heart dropped,” recalled Quita Davis.

White wanted to ask Quita Davis to be his girlfriend. He had the idea, the location, and knew of a singing telegram performer. “He was like I want to do something for my, shes not my girlfriend yet, we’ve been talking for two years and I really like her. I think I found my queen,” singing telegram performer Ashley Williams recalled.

Davis recalled that when White asked her to meet him at Walmart, “I still had no idea what was going on until I hit the corner and saw him. I thought it was a prank to be honest.”

“Even after it was done, we were both like that was amazing,” recalled Williams. “I didn’t realize that five million people would think it’s amazing too!”

Davis said it’s a grocery shopping trip she’ll never forget. It’s a moment that took her completely by surprise, and that’s why five million people have seen her in her pajamas. “Clearly I had no idea what was going on,” said Davis. “I would’ve put some clothes on and some shoes instead of slippers.”

“He was like ‘but I love her’ so I had to thank him for just including me in that whole process,” said Williams.

“Do you believe this is my first valentine ever? Ever!” said Davis. “He just wanted me to be his girlfriend and now something so beautiful and personal got to be shared with the world. I’m in love with this man!”

Not only has this created a big memory and mark on social media, but it’s also increased Ashley Williams singing business, Send a Song Today. So, everyone is having a sweet Valentine’s Day.