Update: Max Fitness Gym Managers Leave Town, Decatur Clients Still Billed

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - A viewer asked us to take action on her behalf regarding a membership to a gym in Decatur. She told us last month the building is full of mold, the water has been shut off and the roof leaks, which has caused damage to some of the equipment.  She says she canceled her membership, but the club kept withdrawing fees from her bank account.

WHNT News 19 decided to take action on yet another complaint against Max Fitness Gym Wednesday.

"When I got here yesterday afternoon the door was open and I went in and there was nobody at the desk," explains Mary McMillan who says she hasn't worked out at Max Fitness in more than 6 weeks but on Tuesday, was billed $49.99.

McMillan says she called and was told to come cancel her membership be when she tried, no one was at the front desk. When we showed up again Tuesday with cameras rolling a woman inside the building hid and refused to identify herself simply saying the Max Fitness franchise owners had long left town.
As we waited for the aforementioned cancellation forms from the unidentified woman who had just disappeared behind closed doors, another customer showed up with the same complaint. The woman at the desk instructed both customers to fill out forms and fax them to Max Fitness corporate offices in Augusta, Georgia.

"Well, maybe we'll get somewhere now," McMillan sighed.

But the duo left the building with the same confusion they arrived with.

"The lady threatened that the sheriff will be at my door?," puzzled the other gym client. "How the hell? They owe me $300," he scoffed.

Jitu Patel says his gym charges totaling lore than $300 have already been sent off to a collections agency demanding payment.

"They say I have a contract. I came 3 times and they said they'll cancel it and nobody has put the paperwork together until today," Patel huffed.

Mary McMillan shrugged, "It may be a lost cause but at least people need to know what to look for in a gym and what's going on here."

WHNT News 19 made calls using all the same avenues Mary McMillan tried. Unfortunately, we were met with the same result - no response. We were told by the property owner Tony Burks weeks ago that they planned to reopen the gym under new management soon - no word on if or when that will happen.

Burks says two men had leased the building to open the fitness center, but left town earlier this year owing him money. Burks says the two men who leased the building are Jeremy Bowers and Robert Jenkins. We found Jenkins in May - he now works for Max Fitness out of the corporate offices in Columbus where he sells franchises, just like the one in Decatur. In the meantime the best advice if you're a Max Fitness customer and you're continuing to be charged for services still unrendered - you should get in contact with your bank as soon as possible to discuss fraud reimbursement.

The number for the Max Fitness offices in Georgia is 706-322-0808.

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