ULA worker who protested against vaccine mandate suspended


DECATUR, Ala. – The organizer of the employee demonstrations in front of United Launch Alliance in Decatur is now facing backlash for his role. The group has been protesting both day and night against the plant’s vaccination mandate that they believe is wrong.

Hunter Creger is now out of a job.

Creger, an employee at ULA, was sent home suspended by the company, pending further investigation.

“Security walked me to my desk. I cleared off my desk and they walked me out of the facility,” Creger said.

Creger, a Laser Weld Technician at ULA, reported for his day shift at the rocket parts manufacturing plant on Wednesday for the first time this week. On Monday and Tuesday, Creger organized a protest with other employees to raise their voices in unison over the company’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

The mandate requires the federal workers at the plant to be vaccinated by Friday, October 29, or face termination. Creger asked his supervisors if the suspension is related to his role in the protests. He said they would not clarify that, but he has his own suspicions.

“Even after all of this, after walking me out of the facility for my role that I played in the protest, at the root of all of this is because I’m a Catholic and that’s why they fired me. They denied my religious accommodation. That’s what started this whole thing.”

On Friday, more than 200 employees filed for a religious exemption to not take to the vaccine, but all were denied by ULA.

Creger, who says he is a devout Catholic says, ‘’No amount of money, no position in this world is worth my salvation. Even after all of the religious stuff, I believe in my right as an American to live my life how I want. Give me liberty or give me death.” 

In August, Pope Francis launched a powerful appeal for people to get vaccinated with approved COVID-19 vaccines, calling it “an act of love.”

News 19 reached out to ULA officials who declined to comment on Creger’s suspension or comment on whether other employees were suspended.

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