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DECATUR, Ala. – A Decatur man was killed in an accident in Huntsville in December of 2015. With another New Year upon us, his family is still looking for closure on his untimely death. 

“It’s another New Year coming but a New Year for who? Not for us. No justice has been served and it will never be the same,” said his mother Toni Barber.  

The family of Jordan Tyler Berryhill cannot figure out why the case of the woman charged with his death has taken so long to prosecute. Jordan was riding with friends returning from a birthday gathering on his motorcycle when he was hit by an SUV driven by 59-year-old Mary Williams of Huntsville.

“He was trying to get up and she gassed it and it ran him over and that’s what killed him.”  

Jordan later died in the hospital from injuries sustained in the accident. Williams was indicted on a charge of reckless murder but Jordan’s family and friends are still waiting for the case to go to trial.  

“It’s been very hard for our mom and all of our family and his friends. There were hundreds of people at his funeral. Everyone was impacted by it. He was a good person. He was only a kid, he was only 20-years-old,” his sister Taylor Duncan said.

Williams’ trial, after several delays, is set for June of 2022. Jordan’s sister Taylor says he had a Superman tattoo on his chest — and Jordan will be forever known to his family as the Man of Steel.