Testimony resumes Tuesday morning in Rodney Hagood murder trial

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – A woman who once worked with Stacey Hagood testified Monday afternoon Hagood feared she would never be able to escape her ex-husband.

Hagood’s daughter told the court she and her mother lived in fear of her father, Rodney Hagood. He’s on trial this week in Decatur for the Valentine’s Day killing of his ex-wife.

Stacey Hagood’s body was found lying in her bedroom the morning of February 14th last year. Investigators say it appeared as though she had been beaten to death. The person of almost immediate interest in the case was Hagood’s ex-husband, Rodney Hagood, and he was no where to be found. He would later agree to meet with sheriff’s deputies and turned himself in. Weeks later, a Morgan County Grand Jury indicted Hagood for Stacey’s murder.

The day Stacey Hagood’s body was discovered, Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said the couple had suffered a long and violent history. She and neighbors told reporters deputies were called to Hagood’s home many times because of fighting. Prosecutors also indicated in court that alcohol and marijuana use may also play into the killing.

The couple’s daughter testified Monday afternoon her father often showed up unannounced demanding money or a place to stay. Ashley Hagood, who discovered her mother’s lifeless body, told the court her father frequently threatened to kill her mother.

Testimony revealed sheriff’s deputies had been called to the Hagood’s home 16 different times because of continuing domestic violence. Hagood’s daughter told the court her father had even scratched his own face before deputies arrived on one occasion in an effort to make it look like he had been attacked.

During jury selection, Circuit Court Judge Glenn Thompson told the venire he expects this to be a short case, wrapping up perhaps as early as Wednesday.