Suspect in Moulton Gas Drive-Off Leaves Behind Debit Card

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Moulton Police say they ran across a crime in which the alleged perpetrator helped officers solve the case.

It started from a gas drive-off Monday afternoon, during which the suspects left some important evidence behind, according to the police chief.

It was an alleged plan which may have seemed fool-proof to the suspect, if only the police were fools.

“He pulled up to the gas pump, carrying a debit card and gave the girl the debit card, went back out, pumped his gas and then drove away,” said Moulton Police Chief Lyndon McWhorter.

That’s what police say Ronald Fancher of Parrish, Alabama, did Monday afternoon.

And he pumped a lot of gas, McWhorter said.  “$78.50 worth of gas.”

But when the clerk processed the debit card for payment, it was declined several times, due to a lack of funds.
So, the clerk called police and described the vehicle: a gray 2005 GMC extended cab truck.

Officers spotted it on Alabama Highway 157 and pulled it over.

“We questioned him whether he’d been in that particular gas station,” said McWhorter.  “He says, ‘No”, and then we said ‘We’re fixing to go back up there and if she identifies you, then we got a problem. He says, ‘Well, I left a debit card there’.  So he actually tells us before we know there’s a debit card,” explained McWhorter.

He said the name on the card was that of a man with Fancher, who was not arrested.

It turns out, police determined the truck was stolen from Walker County and had a license tag on it stolen from Jasper.

Fancher was arrested for a gas drive-off and receiving stolen property.

Police said Fancher told them he didn’t know the truck was stolen, and had paid $1,800 for it.  He’s already bonded out of jail.

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