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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – Two months after Governor Ivey signed the bill, public schools in Alabama can now offer classes studying the Bible. This fall, Morgan County High Schools will start offering a class on scripture.

“This legislation just came out recently. The guidelines just came out very recently,” Piedmont International University president Charles Petitt said.

Leaders from the Christian university in North Carolina offered to partner with Morgan County schools to offer a new course called ‘Survey of the Bible’. Families were invited to find out more about a new Bible course at the county school board meeting on Tuesday.

“It does package a lot of information in a hurry because you’re going to take a journey through the entire Bible,” Petitt said.

“That’s not something I get a lot of at church. So, I’m excited to learn more about the history of it,” Priceville High School junior Allison Flanagan said.

Survey of the Bible is an online elective, which will be available to students at all five Morgan County high schools. Since their schedules are already set, school leaders say students won’t have to drop a class in order to take it.

“Somebody should be able to walk up to you and ask you about, even some of the more isolated books like Micah or Nehemiah and you should be to give an answer on what that book is all about,” Petitt said.

Piedmont leaders are gauging interest, but are hoping between 25 and 50 kids will sign up.

“I’m definitely hopeful they will. That’d be awesome. And I know several of my friends would be very interested and I’m excited to tell them about it,” Flanagan said.

Students can earn college credit for passing the Bible course. Piedmont leaders say once the pilot class is finished, they could offer up to four courses next year.

Morgan County students start class on Thursday. The Bible survey course starts on August 26th.

Piedmont University leaders say they’re also hoping to set up a college campus in Decatur later this year.