DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Those looking for answers following the death of Stephen Perkins hit the streets again tonight to make their voice heard.

The protest tonight at Decatur City Hall was a smaller gathering, but members of the Limestone County NAACP were in attendance to join other protestors in their calls for justice.

The Perkins family and protesters have been demanding authorities release the body camera footage since Stephen Perkins was killed by Decatur Police in the early morning hours of September 29. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) said Perkins died in a nearby medical facility after he pointed a weapon with a mounted light toward an officer, and the officer shot at him.

Kelvin Maclin, the chairman of the Limestone County Alabama Criminal Justice Committee, says that he believes these protests are the best way for voices to be heard.

“I feel like these protests are definitely being effective. And I believe that we gotta continue to keep our voices being heard and expect others to come in and help make the voice louder because the louder the voice is, the harder it is to quieten it,” Maclin said.

Maclin also encouraged other NAAPC chambers across North Alabama to help join in on the protests. 

The case remains under investigation by ALEA.