DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Members of the Decatur community are continuing to call for justice following the officer-involved shooting that killed Stephen Perkins on September 29th.

In the aftermath of that shooting, hundreds have been protesting throughout the city in an ongoing effort to obtain answers. Community members began their multi-mile journey at the city hall and continued throughout parts of downtown Decatur on Wednesday night.

Some in the River City like Carly Cross feel the ongoing efforts are the only way to get the answers the community is looking for.

“I’m not convinced that if there weren’t these demonstrations going on, that our councilmen and our mayor wouldn’t be jumping all over what we’re waiting on,” Cross told News 19. “I think it [protests] pushes things along, I think it builds momentum, I think it creates community.”

The protest included a stop at Mayor Tab Bowling’s home. Some community members say Bowling’s response in the aftermath of the situation has been unacceptable.

Others, like Tommy Elliott, say policies need to be addressed by law enforcement to avoid situations like this from ever happening again.

“We feel like he was shot unjustly, there wasn’t no protocol from the police, there wasn’t justice nowhere, so he just died for nothing,” Elliott said. “We looking for justice. Where is the justice in Decatur, Alabama? Where is the order? We don’t have any.”

While the case continues to be investigated by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, members of the Decatur community say protests will continue for however long it takes to get answers.