DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — It’s been more than a month since Stephen Perkins was killed in a Decatur police officer-involved shooting.

The community continues to rally in support of the Perkins family, an effort that continued Saturday when people gathered for the first-ever Steve Perkins Fit and Fun Day.

Health and fitness were two things the 39-year-old was passionate about. In his honor, the community put on the event in his memory.

“For my family, this means that we’re not letting his spirit die, we’re not letting his legacy die,” his brother Nick Perkins said.

Dozens across the River City gathered on the grounds of the Daikin Amphitheater for the first-ever event of its kind. His family says Perkins frequently visited the gym and he promoted a healthy lifestyle, something he projected onto others encouraging them to be physically active.

For Nick Perkins, he says his younger brother was all about his community, leaving behind an everlasting impact. The fitness day was an extension of what his late brother began.

“Steve was so involved in his community he helped out neighbors, he helped out strangers and that’s what we want,” Perkins told News 19. “We want diversity, we want inclusiveness and that’s what today is about, everybody coming together.”

It was a Saturday that included tire flips, Zumba dancing, and a range of activities for the community to enjoy.

Following all of that has transpired in the aftermath of Perkins’ death, his brother says it’s been an emotional time for his family.

Perkins says the event allowed them to focus on something more positive, which was a day of community all in the name of Stephen Perkins.

“It’s a good relief, with all that’s going on. It’s a time for us to just kind of let go and let the city breathe a little bit,” Perkins said. “Today is about fun and family. Not only was he a gym enthusiast, he was a family enthusiast. He loved his folks, and we loved him.”

Perkins’ brother Nick says they plan to make the Steve Perkins Fit and Fun Day an annual event.