Stay on the line: Avoiding confusion with accidental 911 calls

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – Emergency dispatchers are reminding community members to stay on the line even if they accidentally call 911.

Dispatchers said normally when someone calls by accident, their instinct is to hang up immediately.

When you disconnect a call on your end, you cause a bit of chaos and cost dispatchers valuable time.

“Part of our responsibility is if we get a hang-up call, is to call that person back,” explained Jeanie Pharis, Director of the Morgan County 911 center. “Because they may have an emergency and we want to give every opportunity to be able to find out what’s going on, where they are and get them help. So whenever you just hang up on 911, we spend a lot of time trying to call that person back.”

911 center officials say accidents happen but remember to stay on the line and let dispatchers know the call was unintentional.

That saves much more time and could potentially save someone else’s life.

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