HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Cullman Regional Hospital continues to make upgrades to the Hartselle Health Park while recently announcing the state approval of its first-ever free-standing emergency department. 

The Hartselle community has been without a local hospital since 2012 but Cullman Regional worked to bring a free-standing emergency department into town.  

Once completed, patients in need of emergency services will not have to travel to Decatur or Huntsville for treatment. 

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bill Smith told News 19 that the new emergency department will come equipped with everything needed to treat cases that the Hartselle Health Park currently cannot. 

“It will probably save a tremendous amount of time for people in that area. Nobody really wants to go to the hospital when they think they might be sick and they certainly will be deterred if they had to drive 30 to 40 minutes to get there,” Smith said. “By having something closer and more readily available hopefully that won’t be a barrier to people seeking care when they might really need it.” 

In 2021, Cullman Regional opened Hartselle Health Park and has since added multiple outpatient services. A new ambulatory surgery center will be installed at a later date.

The 17,934-square-foot facility is expected to be up and running in the summer of 2024.