DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Several schools within the Decatur City Schools (DCS) district are asking parents to pick up their kids due to power outages.

Those schools are Ben Davis Elementary School, Center for Alternative Placement, Banks Caddell Elementary School, Woodmeade Elementary School, and Leon Sheffield Magnet Elementary School.

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A spokesperson with Decatur City Schools says students that cannot be picked up will be held at the school and they are also working on a food plan for those students.

As of 10:39 a.m., all power had been restored at the schools but they were still dealing with some phone and internet issues.

“We are still dismissing at the locations affected by the power outages only; however, we have a food service plan in place if parents are unable to pick up their child,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

Maintenance crews are on-site at all of the buildings, at this time, there are no reports of damage to the schools.