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LEE COUNTY, Miss. – A Mississippi sheriff claims a convicted serial killer is responsible for the murder of a woman originally from Decatur.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi announced that Samuel Little, 78, confessed to the killing of Nancy Carol Stevens near Tupelo, Miss. in 2005.

“He somehow came into contact with her. She struck up a relationship with this person enough that she felt comfortable getting into the RV with him,” Lee County sheriff Jim Johnson said.

Investigators say Little gave them detailed information only the killer would know. Little told investigators that he and Nancy were traveling in his RV when he killed her in a Walmart Parking lot in Tupelo and then dumped her body on the side of the road.

Stevens was found on the side of the road in Lee County. Authorities say her autopsy revealed she was strangled to death.

Little is currently locked up in Texas for a 1994 murder of a woman. He was extradited from California, where he was serving three life sentences for killing three women there.

He recently confessed to murdering 90 women over three decades across the country and so far, investigators have been able to match 30 cases.

“Whether it was to clear his conscience or whatever, it was a break we were pleased to call the family, even though it was years later,” Johnson said.

Investigators say Little told them he would prey on troubled women, targeted drug addicts and prostitutes. Some he found at clubs or bars.

They say he would strangle his victims, dump their bodies and leave town.

If Little’s confession turns out to be true, he will become the worst serial killer in the history of the United States.

The case will be presented to a grand jury in Lee County, Miss. in January.